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Pork Pricing Details and Order Form

Pork Pricing & Information


  • ½ – $2.99/lb, plus processing
  • Whole – $2.99/lb, plus processing


  • Customer pays processing. Estimated cost is $200.00 for Whole pig.
  • Average hanging weight is 150-210 lbs for Whole pig.
  • Average lbs of pork after processing is 90-126 lbs for Whole pig.
  • Average cost for Whole pig after processing is $680-$800.
  • Average cost per pound after processing is $6.00-$7.00/lb.
  • Natural smoking is an extra $1.49 per lb. Nitrate Free.

Diagram of POrk Cuts on a Pig

Pork Order Form

Gallagher’s requires a nonrefundable deposit of $100.00.
Price per pound is $2.99/lb and does not include processing. Additional $1.49/lb for smoking – Nitrate Free.
Estimated cost is $100.00 per ½ pig, dependent on requested cuts.
Gallagher’s will pick up meat from butcher and store for up to one week with no additional charge.
Balance is due in full at the time of pick up.

You can fill out the form below, mail-in this printable form, or call Joanne at 231-218-0771.
If mailing-in, please enclose your $100 deposit check or call 231-218-0771 for a Credit Card payment.


Pork Order Form
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Pork Chops

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Pork Steaks

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Pork Roast

Average is 2-3 pounds

Pork Sausage

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Bacon or Side Pork

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Spare Ribs

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