5904 N Long Lake Rd
Traverse City, MI 49685
Farm Store Phone: 231-421-5199
Email: info@gallagherfarms.com

Pricing & Order Information

Bundle Information & Pricing — Curbside Available

We now offer Pork and Beef Bundles!

Save 10% on our Small and Family Bundles

Curbside pickup available!

Bundle Pricing

Year round delivery available for the Family Bundle in Traverse City.

Delivery Available: 
Call Joanne 231-218-0771 
$100 minimum

Beef Information & Pricing

Our natural beef is processed at 18-28 months. Our steers are not given any steroids or growth hormones, therefore they are not pushed to get finished. They are fed pasture grass, hay and non GMO corn. The meat is individually packaged and frozen, USDA inspected and stamped. We offer 1/4 , 1/2 or whole pricing. 4 different bundles available. Our Angus beef have extraordinary flavor and texture because of their diet.

Pricing Details and Order Form

Pork Information & Pricing

Our pigs are fed hay and non GMO corn. It takes about 4-6 months to raise our pigs. As with the beef, our pigs are raised antibiotic and steroid free. Also, when processed, the pork receives no MSG’s or preservatives. 1/2’s & wholes available, cut to your specs.

Pricing Details and Order Form

Individual Cuts Pricing

Beef Cuts

Ground Beef $7.99/LB
*1/3# Packages of 3 or 6    
Ground Sirloin $8.99/LB
Beef Soup Bones $2.49/LB
Ribeye $19.99/LB
New York Strip $19.99/LB
Flat Iron $12.99/LB
Skirt Steak $11.99/LB
*Bone-in or Boneless
Filet $24.99/LB
T-Bone $20.49/LB
Porterhouse $22.49/LB
Chuck $7.99/LB
Arm $7.99/LB
Rolled Rump $8.99/LB
Tri-Tip $7.99/LB
Brisket $9.89/LB
Short Ribs $6.49/LB

Pork Cuts

Bacon $11.99/LB
Cottage Bacon $11.99/LB
Canadian Bacon $11.74/LB
Jowel Bacon $11.99/LB
*Breakfast, Chorizo, Italian
Breakfast Sausage Patties $9.29/LB
Ground Pork $8.49/LB
Boston Butt Roast
*for shredded pork
*Whole or sliced
Cooked Brats
*Regular, cherry, jalapeno, cheese & onion, mushroom
Old fashion Uncooked Brat $11.49/LB
Hotdog $11.49/LB
Summer Sausage
*regular or jalapeno