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Beef Pricing Details and Order Form

Black Angus Beef Pricing & Information


  • ¼ or ½ Black Angus – $3.99/lb (plus processing)
  • Whole Black Angus – $3.89/lb (plus processing)


  • Customer pays the processing fee, average cost is $125-$175.00
  • All pricing is based off of Hanging weight.
  • Average Hanging weight for ¼ Beef is 150-200 lbs.
  • Average cost including processing for ¼ Beef is $725-950.
  • Average lbs of ¼ Beef after processing is 110-150 lbs.
  • Average cost per pound including processing is $5.99/lb.
  • Average freezer space needed for ¼ Beef is 8 cubic ft.

Diagram of Beef Cuts on a Steer

Beef Order Form

Gallagher’s requires a nonrefundable deposit of $200.00.
We will pick up the beef from our butcher and store for up to one week in our own facilities at no charge.
Balance is due in full at the time of pick up.

Ordering options

If mailing-in, please enclose your $200 deposit check or call 231-218-0771 for a Credit Card payment.


Beef Order Form
  • Order Details
  • Special Instructions
  • Contact Information

Size of Steer

Quarter, Half, or Whole Steer *
All quarters are halves split evenly. Pricing is based on hanging weight which ranges from 700-900 lbs for a whole steer.


Steak Options *
Round Steaks


Ground Beef

Ground Beef Package Size
Ground Beef Patties Size
($.99 per lb extra)

Stew Meat

($.99 per lb extra)

Kabob Meat

($.99 per lb extra)

Stir Fry Meat

($.99 per lb extra)

Additional Items

Special Cuts
Choose one or more that are desired